» New Releases

Metaform Communication Design

I do a lot of work with Susan over at Metaform Communication Design. Recently we developed several interesting WordPress sites, so when she decided to redesign metaform.com I was happy to code a custom Wordpress theme for her. Technolgies used include: XHTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, WordPress, custom WP theme, custom WP widgets and plugins.metaform.com

Nic Lehoux

Nic Lehoux is an amazing architectural photographer, and when Metaform came to me with this ActionScript project I jumped at the opportunity to form their streamline design into a functional Flash website. Technology used - Flash, ActionScript 3.0, XHTML, and JavaScript.niclehoux.com

lotus awards

For over 10 years the Lotus Awards has been crowning the top advertising campaigns, websites, and videos in BC. This year we created a new online submissions system to streamline the entry process. Combined with a simple WordPress site, EventBrite for ticketing, and a lot of hard work the new submissions system was a rave success. Special thanks to marasigan.ca and base-10.net for all their hard work too. Technology used - PHP, MySQL, PHPmyAdmin, XHTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Flash ActionScript, and WordPress.www.lotusawards.com

» Flash ActionScript

Antcom Product finder

This Flash RIA was developed to showcase Antcom's vast array of hardware. For this site, Karo contracted me to code this unique product finder. Technology used - Flash ActionScript 2.0, XML, XHTML/CSS, and JavaScript. Antcom Product finder

Lindsay Siu Photography

I met Lindsay through a colleague of mine at Rethink. She wanted a simple site and CMS to showcase her photography. Built on top of a custom PHP backend with dynamic XML content the simple and clean design has an image foward focus. Technology used - Flash ActionScript 2.0, XML, PHP, MySQL, XHTML/CSS, and JavaScript. www.lindsaysiu.com

Borland GDD Calculator

During my longstanding relationship with Maverick Creative group in Calgary, I developed the Borland GDD Calculator. For this project Borland software asked us to build this Flash RIA. This GDD (Geographically Distributed Development) calculator uses Borland's algorithms to analyze the financial benefits associated with implimenting Borland's GDD software. Technology used - Flash ActionScript 2.0, XML, XHTML/CSS, and JavaScript.www.borland.com

Sauder presentation

The UBC Sauder School of Business contracted me to build this desktop presentation for their recruiters. The goal was to create a rich media marketing presentation to showcase Sauder's MBA programs. Technology used - Flash ActionScript 3.0, XML, Flash video (FLV), and AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime). Request a link to this project.

Arcalife family tree

Working with startup company Arcalife, I helped create their Flash family tree builder. This complex RIA evolved through proof-of-concept to final version. With cutting edge ActionScript 3.0 and innovative ideas, Arcalife's family was born. Technology used - Flash ActionScript 3.0, XML, .NET , and JavaScript. www.arcalife.com

Community art grid

Vancouver's Contempary Art Gallery (CAG) osted an exhibit to showcase community art. The concept was to create a digital version of their community art grid. The art grid project brought together local artists to participate in creating a collaborative art wall. People were invited to choose a portion of the wall and add their artwork to it. The result was a really cool and unique art wall. Technology used - Flash ActionScript 2.0, XML, XHTML/CSS, and JavaScript. Community art grid

» HTML and WordPress

CCI Renos

Working with my wife Chelsea Bell, head of Shrinking Violet, we worked with this high-end custom renovation company to develop a web presence that showcases their work and allows them to manage their website content. This custom Wordpress theme used the following Technology - XHTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Wordpress, custom WP theme, custom WP widgets and plugins. www.ccirenos.com

Lawyers website

DuMoulin Black needed a straightforward website that showcases their legal services. This site is easy to navigate, and includes a rotating statement on the main page. This custom website was built using these technologies: XHTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and Nanoc Ruby compiler. www.dumoulinblack.com

Management Coaching

Chris Obst needed an informational website to represent his company, Jump Management Coaching. This site uses these technologies: XHTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, WordPress, custom WP theme, custom WP widgets and plugins. www.jumpmanagementcoaching.com

Natural Wool Bedding

SnugSleep has been manufacturing wool bedding for over 25 years. They needed website to showcase their products and inform customers of retail locations. This simple brochure site focuses on clean simple code and an extensible CSS design. Technology used - XHTML/CSS, and JavaScript. www.snugsleep.com

real estate agent

As a Realtor, Chris Seiffert needed a website where he could showcase the properties he represents. As he had a limited budget, and was short on time, I suggested using Wordpress as a simple CMS so he could manage his listing himself. Technology used - XHTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Wordpress, custom WP theme, custom WP widgets and plugins. chrissieffert.com

HIV Research

Metaform created a stylish new design for the CTN. They approached me to build Dreamweaver templates for the CTN's staff to update. After a brief consultation about the benefits of a blog/CMS they agreed to go with Wordpress instead. This custom theme includes a multilingual option for creating page in both French and English, and some advanced jQuery. Technology used - XHTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, WordPress, custom WP theme, custom WP widgets and plugins. www.hivnet.ubc.ca

» E-commerce with Shopify

the best wool bedding

Two years ago my wife and I started a e-commerce business. We had a great product in luxurious wool bedding, but needed a great platform for the site. Then we found Shopify (a hosted e-com service) which provides a great CMS, e-commerce processing, and has an easy to use Ruby template based development system. One great design and week of development later SleepySheep was born. Technology used - XHTML/CSS, JavaScript, Shopify, Ruby (liquid templates), Blogger, Merchant services.www.sleepysheep.ca

Fashion for your drinks

Chris was in a quandary: he wanted an e-commerce site, knew some basic coding, had a cool design, and was ready to build so he choose Miva Merchant. As development progressed he realized the complex nature of e-com and called on Justintense for some help. After a brief consultation we agreed that Miva Merchant was not the right platform for his webstore, and decided to use Shopify to bring drinktoque.com to life. With a fun design already in place we created a product centric UI to showcase the unique toques. In the end he was very happy and glad we switched to Shopify. Technology used - XHTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Shopify, Ruby (liquid templates), Blogger, PayPal.www.drinktoques.com

hand made jewelry

Jessica Hill makes beautiful hand made jewelry with an eco twist. Jessica's amazing pieces are made from recycled jewelry. For this Shopify integration we worked from Jessica's own custom design. The goal was to produce an easy to use site with simple product management. Once again Shopify's stellar CMS preformed well and allowed for simple PalPay Pro integration. Technology used - XHTML/CSS, JavaScript, Shopify, Ruby (liquid templates), Blogger, PayPalwww.ecocessories.ca